To unleash the beauty of all is our goal

Miss Exceptional Long Island 

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Empowering the Developmentally Disabled 

Miss Exceptional is a unique beauty pageant that allows girls with disabilities to gain self-confidence and experience all that life has to offer. Everyone deserves a chance to shine and everyone deserves the opportunity to unleash their fullest potential. Our pageant was specifically designed to allow girls with any disability to own the spotlight and to discover the exceptional beauty inside of them. Each and every exceptional lady will walk away with pride, inspiration, and new friends.

Pageantry isn't just about tiara's and bikini's. Pageantry is a unique approach to empowerment and self-value.
Miss Exceptional Long Island strives to provide this approach to individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities.

The Miss Exceptional Experience

On the day of the pageant, a hair and makeup crew trained to work with individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities, will pamper each girl to make her feel like a queen!

The show will open with a dance choreographed by a direct support professional dancer. The contestants will show off their dance moves accompanied by our shadow dancers who will assist the ladies throughout the number.

A costume competition will be incorporated into the pageant, where each delegate has the opportunity to dress up as her favorite fictional, fantasy, animalistic or historical character. 

The evening gown number is where each delegate will enlighten the stage in a beautiful evening gown. Either a male family member or a volunteer male with a developmental disability will escort the girls during the evening gown portion. Miss Exceptional Long Island gives the option to choose a dress and/or costume from our donation closet.

Everyone is a winner!

Each delegate will receive:

- a title

- a trophy

- sash

- crown 

- bouquet of flowers

Each delegate will also receive a check made out to an organization of her choice. The money raised from the event will go to the contestant’s charity. She may deliver this to the organization herself... and send us a picture to post on our website!

Each contestant/delegate chooses a charity that she will represent throughout the pageant. (You can choose anything from an after school program she enjoys to an animal foundation). Depending on how many participants enter the pageant will depend on how the checks will be divided. 

We encourage each girl to wear her crown and sash out to events in her community after the pageant to show off her achievement and to enjoy her 2013 reign to the fullest!